Albert Aries and Partners is a law firm providing legal services in the areas of litigation and non-litigation (corporate services) under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia either for local disputes or for the settlement of trade dispute in international arbitration.

Albert Aries and Partners is established to protect the interests of law as well as strive to achieve justice for all clients entrusting us with the addressing of their legal issues. The legal services provided to our clients are based on values of excellence, integrity and efficiency.

• Value of excellence means that we will invariably provide the best legal services and quality for our clients in a balanced way;

• Value of integrity means that we will not, in practicing the advocate profession, serve as an intermediary by giving or promising anything to the law enforcers in order to win the cases we are taking, and be able to be influenced by other parties to defect from our clients;

• Value of efficiency means that the legal services provided for our clients will not as much as possible burden them with unnecessary costs.

In providing legal services, we continuously provide our clients with education and legal opinion supported by the quality legal literature and Jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia, and give them insight into the fact that amicable settlement is the best way to solve the legal issues in Indonesia. However, unless amicable settlement can be reached, we still believe courts and arbitration can provide justice for our clients